Love and Tolerance is the backbone of Sober Solutions. We offer hope, along with solutions, to living life on a day to day basis. Our goal is to provide a clean and sober living environment. We will help you transition between leaving inpatient or outpatient treatment and how to return to a Real Life with purpose . We offer assistance and support in living daily without addictive chemicals while growing spiritually. Our structured environment is based on forming new healthy living habits and accepting responsibility for oneself.

What People Say

Sober Solutions gave me the tools, time, and wisdom to finally believe i could lead a long life without the burden of drugs and alcohol. They ROCK!!!

Jason Bell

My experience at Sober Solutions solidified my recovery and made me appreciate sober lving as I never had before! Thank you, Justin!!

Robby Tweedy

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because your life has just begun. Start your new life today get involved and live a day at a time. sobriety is great

J Barnett

Let’s build something together.